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Skunks are known for their ability to spray a liquid that has a strong odor.


Skunks are notorious for their foul odor

Skunks are omnivores who eat a wide range of bugs, plants and fruits. Skunks often dig for bugs and this can take a toll on your lawn or garden. Skunks are opportunists and will raid garbage, animal feed stores, pet food and even get into your house to find food.

Skunks nest in a burrow, sometimes under porches, decks and sheds. A skunk's gestation period is around 63 days. They give birth to an average of 5-6 kits around early to mid May. The young leave the nest about 6 to 10 weeks after birth. Once they establish a nest, removing skunks is difficult.

Skunk form Mt Pleasant MI

Health risks around Skunks

Skunks can carry many diseases, including rabies, which can be transferred to pets, family or staff.

For tips to get rid of skunk smell see our skunk smell removal formula here.

Skunk form Mt Pleasant MI

Species of Skunk found in Michigan

Eastern Raccoon

Striped Skunk

Have webbed toes that help the striped skunk dig in the ground for food. Easily identified by the white stripe that runs from head to tail.