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Raccoons are opportunists and will take food and shelter from whatever is available


The Masked Opportunists

Raccoon are very adaptable and learn very quickly. They can be very destructive by opening or knocking over improperly covered trash and are masters at breaking & entering, finding your home or business properties vulnerabilities. Raccoons are omnivores, eating both meat and vegetation. In the wild they eat crayfish, frogs, other aquatic creatures, mice, insects, eggs, fruits and plants. But because of their opportunistic nature they will raid gardens, crop fields, animal feed stores, pet food, garbage containers, and your kitchen!

Raccoon being a nuisance in Portland MI

Raccoons should be handled carefully

Raccoons are usually skittish but if cornered can be very dangerous. Never allow your dog to go after a raccoon! Although they are cute, Raccoons can be ferocious and carriers of rabies. Raccoons usually have only one gestation period a year of around 63 days. They give birth to an average of 4 kits around April-May and the young leave their nest about 7 to 8 weeks later.

Raccoon Kits found in Attic in Clare MI

Species of Raccoon found in Michigan

Eastern Raccoon

Eastern Raccoon

Relatively small, dark raccoon with long soft fur. Their masks are surrounded by bold off-white lines.

Upper Mississippi Valley Raccoon

Upper Mississippi Valley Raccoon

Large Raccoon with a buff thick coat, excellent for winter. These raccoons have a large territorial range often over 6 miles.