White-Nose Syndrome Killing Bats in Michigan

19 Jan 2017

Within the past year the DNR has found that the White-Nose Syndrome is effecting the population of bats in

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Varmint Evictors in Big Rapids News

28 Oct 2016

Posted by Emily Grove-Davis on August 4th, 2016 BIG RAPIDS — While there haven’t been any reported Count Dracula sightings in the area, Big Rapids residents seem to have had some run-ins with his rumored furry friends. The Big Rapids Department of Public Safety has received two calls within the last week

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5 Interesting Bat Facts

23 Jun 2016

Some people think bats are scary and some think the fuzzy night creatures are cute. Though opinions vary about these unique mammals,

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Get Rid of Skunk Smell

07 Mar 2016

Have you been Skunked? Well not to worry Varmint Evictors has the solution, literally for just about anything to get rid of the horrible skunk smell. Remember the sooner you act after you, your pet, or home have been sprayed by a skunk the better. Stay outside, keep the smell

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