Wildlife Damage Repair & Clean Up

Wildlife Damage Repair & Clean Up

Cleaning Attic Wildlife Damage Repair

Cleaning House insulation wildlife damage repair

Professional wildlife damage restoration and contaminate clean up

Most homes won’t have enough buildup of bat guano or urine to cause significant damage. However occasionally there is a need for a professional cleanup of a space. Contamination or severe damage may be covered under your home owners insurance. Contact your insurance company if clean out is required and we will provide a quote for you.

Varmint Evictors uses an industrial insulation removal vacuum system set up outside of your home or office. We carefully remove all contaminated and damaged materials. We then completely disinfect the affected area, repair any additional damage found and if necessary we can install new clean insulation.

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Keep Wildlife in the Wild

After cleanup and damage repair services are complete, we recommend setting up animal exclusion systems. Much of the destruction that wild animals make can be prevented with the appropriate deterrent products and barriers in place. We install and maintain these exclusion systems to assure that critters stay in the wild and not in your person space.