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Animal Control Services

Animal Control exclusion services - screen under porch

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Protect Your Property with Professionally Installed Animal Control and Wildlife Deterrent Products & Barriers

Our humane wildlife deterrent systems are designed to handle your unique situation. We use preventative measures like: deck & porch copper mesh or galvanized screening, roof vent covers, exhaust vent covers and chimney caps. Our deterrent systems keep unwanted and potentially dangerous wildlife from returning or making themselves at home under, in or around your home or business reducing risk of additional damage and expense.

Our goal is to quickly stop wildlife damage and do small repair and clean up work during our initial visit. When damage is extensive we may need to bring in one of our experienced, reputable contractors assuring the job is done right the first time. We install animal exclusion and wildlife deterrent systems in all of the West and Central Michigan areas that we serve and have many happy, critter free clients. We've set up these animal control systems in populated and rural areas including: Ludington, Baldwin, Manistee, Big Rapids, Gladwin, Rockford, Newaygo, Fremont, and many others. 

Animal Control Maintenance Program

If you have recurring wildlife control, removal or damage problems, ask us about reduced rates for our Monthly, Quarterly or Annual  – Wildlife Prevention and Control Maintenance Program. We can help keep your home, rental property, or business critter free.