Michigan Bats

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Bats like to roost in attics, ceilings, roof spaces, barns, and out buildings


Bats are nocturnal mammals who roost during the day.

The most common species of the Michigan Bats is called the Little Brown Bat. Little Brown Bats like to roost in attics, ceilings, roof spaces, behind siding, under roof shingles, behind trim, barns, and outer buildings. A Little Brown Bat maternal colony often starts with a family of a dozen or so. However, if they are left unattended the colony can quickly grow to a few thousand in a short time. These bats can live as long as 31 years. They also frequently share a habitat with Big Brown Bats, which have the potential to cause more property damage as well as health risks to your pets, family or employees.

Bats in an attic in a house in Manistee Michigan. Call Varmint Evictors for professional bat removal services in West & Central Michigan. We service Manistee, Gladwin, Ionia, Newaygo, Oceana and all areas in between.

Health Hazards Caused by Bats


Histoplasmosis is caused by a fungus (Histoplasma capsulatum) found primarily in the areas drained by the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. Both humans and animals can be affected. The disease is transmitted to humans by airborne fungus spores from soil contaminated bat droppings. The area under a roost usually has to have been enriched by droppings for two years or more for the disease organism to reach significant levels. Infection occurs when air born spores are inhaled – especially after a roost has been disturbed. Most infections are mild and produce either no symptoms or a minor influenza-like illness. On occasion the disease can cause high fever, blood abnormalities, pneumonia and even death. In some areas, including portions of Illinois, up to 80 percent of the population show evidence of previous infection. The National Institutes of Health estimates that 4 percent of those exposed to the disease are at risk of being effected.


Rabies in bats can be confirmed only in a laboratory. However, any bat that is active by day, is found in a place where bats are not usually seen (for example, in a room in your home or on the lawn), or is unable to fly, is far more likely than others to be rabid. Such bats are often the most easily approached. It is best never to handle any bat, call a professional bat removal technician to help remove bats safely. Most of the recent human rabies cases in the United States have been caused by rabies virus in bats. Awareness of the facts about bats and rabies can help protect pets, your family, and employees. This information may also help clear up misunderstandings about bats.

Get rid of bats in your attic like these found in Baldwin Michigan. Call Varmint Evictors for professional bat removal services in West & Central Michigan. We service Manistee, Gladwin, Ionia, Newaygo, Oceana and all areas in between.

Are Bats Beneficial?

Most things you may know about bats are not true. Bats are not blind. They are neither rodents nor birds. They will not suck your blood–and most do not have rabies. Bats play key roles in ecosystems around the globe from rain forests to deserts, especially by eating insects, including agricultural pests. The best protection we can offer these unique mammals is to learn more about their habits and recognize the value of living safely with them.
Bats are a protected species in Michigan, a qualified bat removal specialist should be contacted to help remove bats safely and humanely. Worldwide, bats are a major predator of night-flying insects. Unfortunately, many local populations of bats have been destroyed and many species are now endangered.

Bats can get in tight spaces in your home, including behind chimneys like these bats in Ludington Michigan.

Species of Bat found in Michigan

Bats come out at night and make all sorts of noises in the walls of homes. Contact Varmint Evictors for bat removal in central and west Michigan.

Evening Bat

Easily confused with Little Brown Bats. Lives in extreme southern Michigan with a wingspan of 10-11 inches.

Michigan Bats are cute aren't they? This Easter Pipistrelle Bat is one of the types in the area. But they all look the same to most people. So for any type of bat removal contact us.

Eastern Pipistrelle Bat

Lives in caves and mines in Michigan's western Upper Peninsula. A small bat with a wingspan of 10 inches or less.

Michigan's largest population of bats is the hoary bat. We remove hoary bats all the time.

Hoary Bat

Michigan's largest species of bat with a wingspan of up to 15 inches. Solitary bat that lives in forested areas near water.

A cute little brown bat. Though most homeowners don't think they are cute when they get caught in their home. Contact Varmint Evictors to get rid of bats in your attic or other places in your home.

The Little Brown Bat

The most common bat in Michigan, with a wingspan ranging from 8.5 to 11.5 inches.

Big brown bats are another species found in Michigan. For bat removal services in Central and West Michigan contact Varmint Evictors.

The Big Brown Bat

Reddish in color with a large nose and a wingspan ranging from 12.5 to 13.5 inches.

This is a Silver Haired Bat. Contact Varmint Evictors for wildlife removal services including bat removal.

Silver Haired Bat

Lives in forested areas near streams and lakes, wingspan may stretch up to 12 inches.

We remove funny looking bats like this critter too.

Northern Long-Eared Bat

Roosts alone or in small nursing colonies of about 30, wingspan may stretch up to 12 inches.

Eastern Red Bats in Michigan. Varmint Evictors is a local bat removal company serving Central & West Michigan including Mansitee, Ludington, Greenville, Big Rapids, Reed City, Newaygo, Gladwin, etc.

Eastern Red Bat

Solitary bat that lives in forested areas near water, wingspan may stretch up to 12 inches.

It is rare to find Indiana Bats in the areas we service. If you find one north of Montcalm County give us a call.

Indiana Bat

Considered rare and only found in extreme southern Michigan, wingspan ranges from 8.5 to 11.5 inches.

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Bat Removal Specialists

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